Increase veg offer

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Increase the lines, quality and display of veg in retail, particularly in deprived areas.

Often, areas of higher deprivation coincide with areas of higher concentration of hot food takeaways and little retail offer in terms of fresh vegetables. Fruit and vegetables can be a highly profitable category so working with businesses to grow their sales of fresh, frozen and tinned produce can provide a long lasting and profitable way to tackle the poor provision of healthy food in many areas.

  • Final report of Buywell project aimed to support local convenience stores to improve access to fresh, affordable and sustainable fruit and veg in low-income areas of London.
  • Food Foundation retailer toolkit contains a menu of measures available to retailers to make vegetables more convenient, attractive and normal to purchase.

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Promote veg

Use marketing work, social media, healthy eating campaigns or events to promote veg.

Good advertising

Encourage the best and restrict the worse food adverts.

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