We call on cities and other local areas to coordinate activity and action. From councils to schools, from food growing enterprises to workplaces, we all have a role to play to increase the availability and consumption of vegetables locally.

VEG CITIES is a feature campaign of Sustainable Food Cities, led by food and farming charity Sustain in partnership with the wider Peas Please initiative.

Plenty of food for thought at the Sheffield Food Festival

ShefFood, the food partnership for Sheffield, took centre stage at the city’s Sheffield Food Festival 24-27 May by organising events, talks and food trails over the course of several days, helping to connect all the local organisations involved in good food.

Creating Roots to Market in Glasgow

‘Roots to Market’ explores the potential for growing and developing Glasgow’s local food economy. It started as a piece of research lead by Glasgow Community Food Network and Propagate in 2018, bringing together urban market gardeners and chefs passionate about using local produce. One year on, the team looks at the progress over the course of the last year, and maps what needs to happen next to turn this vision into reality.

More vegetables at holiday lunches in Cambridge

As part of Veg Cities, Cambridge Sustainable Food (CSF) is helping to ensure holiday lunches are packed with vegetables by involving families in fun meal preparation sessions.