We call on cities and other local areas to coordinate activity and action. From councils to schools, from food growing enterprises to workplaces, we all have a role to play to increase the availability and consumption of vegetables locally.

VEG CITIES is a feature campaign of Sustainable Food Cities, led by food and farming charity Sustain in partnership with the wider Peas Please initiative.

Big Dig is back - get your garden registered now

Everyone running a garden can register their garden on www.bigdig.org.uk to promote their garden locally to volunteers and other organisations, use the online Harvest-ometer and all the other functions and take part in The Big Dig Day on 27 April. Registration is free and takes less than five minutes.

Glasgow embraces Veg Power

Schools and several Glasgow organisations are putting Veg Power and the Veg of the Week at the heart of their activities to make vegetables exciting and appealing to the communities they work with.

Oasis Hub Waterloo putting good food at the heart of the school community

Oasis run over 50 schools and serve around 30,000 children across the UK. In addition, community hubs bring together volunteers, activists and professionals in 36 different locations generating further impact. Oasis Hub Waterloo, located in the London Borough of Lambeth, is trialing new approaches to make good food and fresh vegetables more accessible to the school community.