We call on cities and other local areas to coordinate activity and action. From councils to schools, from food growing enterprises to workplaces, we all have a role to play to increase the availability and consumption of vegetables locally.

VEG CITIES is a feature campaign of Sustainable Food Cities, led by food and farming charity Sustain in partnership with the wider Peas Please initiative.

Eating more veg during Covid-19 and beyond

While for some people more time at home and food service closures are boosting home cooking and more localized food purchasing, many are struggling to access healthy food. Brighton and Hove Food Partnership (BHFP) stepped in to support residents accessing healthy food and fruit and veg in emergency food parcels and hot meals and through signposting and advice.

Keep calm and grow your own

With more time at home and uncertainty around food supply, more people than ever are interested in growing their own food. Brighton and Hove Food Partnership (BHFP) is encouraging residents to grow veg and is supporting community gardens and other growers to increase the amount of veg donated to community food projects.

Keep Growing project taking root in Tower Hamlets

Since lockdown, the Keep Growing initiative has supplied 700 people in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets starter packs with everything needed to start growing vegetables at home and five tonnes of soil to key points around the borough for participants to use.