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Subsidising fruit and veg could help us all be healthier

New research suggests that subsidising fruit and vegetables could be the way forward for healthier diets.

Veg Cities clocks 500 pledges!

We’re pleased to announce that Veg Cities has reached its 500th pledge, thanks to the hard work of communities up and down the country. Could you be the next pledger?

Has Healthy Start been fixed yet?

The recent digitisation of the Healthy Start voucher scheme has been plagued with issues, leaving thousands of families without cards or declined at check outs. On the back of our letter with the Food Foundation to Health Secretary Sajid Javid asking for immediate fixes, we check in on the progress and lay out what needs to be done next.

Beet climate change by Switching Up Your Lunch!

On the 13th June, the fourth annual #SwitchUpYourLunch pledge is returning to Oxfordshire. Businesses and organisations all over the county will pledge to switch their lunch to vegetarian and vegan meals for the planet. Could you run a #SwitchUpYourLunch campaign in your area too?

Cost of living is driving down vegetable consumption

A new report by VegPower has found that that the increased price of groceries has reduced fresh vegetable purchasing across the UK, with nearly half of lower income families buying less fresh veg.

Over 300,000 families could miss out on free food scheme as digital switch over fails

As the cost of living crisis deepens, more than 300,000* families in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are set to miss out on a free food scheme they are eligible for as a digital switch over has gone badly wrong.    

Three steps to help retailers tackle waste and carbon emissions

A new report by WRAP uncovers potentially huge savings of food waste, plastic, and carbon dioxide emissions, if retailers commit to three simple recommendations.

Celebrating seasonal veg in Leeds

FoodWise Leeds plan to celebrate the seasonal fruits and vegetables of Spring, inspired by the success of their Healthy Holidays Christmas competition.

Proposed ban could help save peatlands for climate, nature, and people

Defra’s consultation on the ban of retail sales of peat in horticulture is an important step towards protecting peatlands for the climate, for wildlife, and for local communities. Sustain supports the ban and calls for others to add their voice to the consultation.

Children who eat more fruit and vegetables have better mental health

A recent study found that eating a more nutritious diet, rich in fruit and vegetables, and having healthier breakfasts and lunch habits were associated with better mental wellbeing in children.