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New Healthy Eating Toolkit launched by FoodWise Leeds

FoodWise Leeds have released their latest Healthy Eating Toolkit to support schools and third sector providers planning their Healthy Holidays Christmas provision.  

Growing more veg, but where, and how?

When a successful fruit and veg box scheme in Calderdale wanted to expand the amount of locally produced food in their boxes, they were faced with a shortage of land in an area dominated by livestock farming. In this blog we look at innovative examples to overcome shortage of land, often the first barrier when it comes to producing more local food.

Government Healthy Start scheme has shrunk by £90m in a decade

An exclusive piece by the New Statesman looks into how drastic cuts to the Healthy Start and soaring inflation on food prices means that mothers and children are getting dwindling returns from this Government scheme.

Boosting the value of Healthy Start vouchers can help low-income families improve their diets

Research by IGD and University of Leeds found that Sainsbury’s £2 top up to Healthy Start vouchers during 2021 led to a change in behaviour of shoppers, with more fruit and vegetables and fewer discretionary items purchased, even after the financial incentives stopped.

Promoting fruit and vegetables could help meet dietary guidance

New research by IGD shows that reduction in price, placement and signposting of fruit and vegetables can shift diets towards the Eatwell Guide.

Sainsbury's £2 top-up for Healthy Start is back

Sainsbury’s is reintroducing its £2 top-up coupons in England to accompany the Government funded NHS Healthy Start scheme. Starting from Wednesday 12th October, eligible customers will automatically receive a £2 printed coupon at Sainsbury’s check out whenever they use their Healthy Start card.

Fit and Fed in Plymouth

Over the Summer, Food Plymouth teamed up with Plymouth Council’s Fit and Fed programme, as part of their Veg Cities campaign, to provide healthy food and fun activities to local children.

Leeds recipe hub launches

Foodwise Leeds have launched of a new recipe hub, in collaboration with Leeds City Council, the University of Leeds, and Climate Action Leeds. The hub not only encourages users to add more veg into dishes, it includes a carbon calculation for each recipe added.

Your Planet Doctors: Community growing for health and wellbeing

Your Planet Doctors CIC has been working hard since 2021 to address worsening mental health and food insecurity by connecting communities with opportunities to grow food.

Healthy Start needs a fresh start

With food insecurity and food prices rising at an alarming rate, Healthy Start payments need to increase, more people need to be on the scheme and outstanding issues caused by the digitisation need to be urgently fixed.