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How one food hero is making a difference to the Healthy Start Voucher campaign in Brighton and Hove

A campaign to increase uptake of Healthy Start Vouchers in Brighton and Hove was re-launched by the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership with the support of the City Council. Alongside training and promotion at a city-wide scale, we celebrate the work of a food hero that is contributing to increase the uptake of the vouchers through her work in a children’s centre.

Hull blog posts make local news

What better way to start the New Year than to focus on healthy habits? Hull Food Partnership released a series of January blog posts centred on nutrition which caught the attention of the local press.

Souper November returns in Hull

As it turns cold and wintery what better way to warm yourself up than with a bowl of hot soup? Soup is the ultimate winter comfort food. Veg-based soups are easy and inexpensive to make and are a great way to use up leftover vegetables.

Mayor’s luncheon celebrates locally grown vegetables

The Lord Mayor of Hull Councillor Steve Wilson hosted a luncheon at Hull’s Guildhall titled a ‘Celebration of vegetables’ with most ingredients grown within a few miles of the city centre.

Support your local veg growers and suppliers this festive season

Are you a veg grower who wants to highlight the hard work that goes into getting veg on our plates or a project that’s trying to encourage healthier eating? Download and share the animation to get everyone to eat more locally grown vegetables this festive season.

Veg Power advertising campaign 2020

#EatThemToDefeatThem will be back in 2020 only bigger and better. Find out how you can join the campaign.

Durham carves new habits at Halloween

Food Durham organized a number of Pumpkin Rescue activities this Autumn working in collaboration with HUBBUB, Feedback’s Gleaning Network, a local farm and local groups organizing carving events, aimed at reducing food waste by encourage everyone to turn carvings and leftover pumpkins into delicious meals.

Veg Cities takeover of Durham Farmer’s Market

Hundreds of students and their parents were welcomed back to Durham for the new academic year by a veg takeover of the Farmer’s Market in the city centre.

Reading based community garden grows veg for 1,600 meals

Lavender Place Community Gardens produced over 130 kg of vegetables worth over £740 and enough to produce 1,600 meals. And they are still harvesting!

Happy Maki win Brighton and Hove's Veg City Challenge

Top chefs from businesses around Brighton and Hove came together to take part in an exciting cook-off at Brighton's Community Kitchen.  The Veg City Challenge, a competition run by Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, was launched to create a winning veg-packed grab-n-go recipe that will be trialled in secondary schools across the city, with the aim of getting teens to eat more veg.