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Quest for best plant-centred dish in Glasgow comes to an end

Six finalists took part in a live cook-off to find the best plant-centred dish made with vegetables grown in and around Glasgow. The winner was head chef of Ox and Finch Aurelien Mourez with a smoked beetroot, lemon sorrel emulsion, potato crisp dish. The judging panel was headed by Gary Maclean, 2016 winner of MasterChef: The Professionals and Scotland’s National Chef.

Bournemouth starts campaign to make vegetables more accessible on the high street

The campaign took over Boscombe market for a day and organised cookery demonstrations, cress-head growing and encouraged people to sign up to community cooking workshops that will happen over the next months.

St Mary’s School pledge for more veg

A primary school in the Dorset coastal town of Bridport adopted a farm to fork approach to get students and the school community involved in producing, preparing and eating more vegetables.

£130k awarded to food growing projects in Aberdeen

In March 2017, the local authority earmarked £145,000 to develop innovative community growing projects in the regeneration areas across Aberdeen, the areas with the highest levels of multiple deprivation. Nearly £130,000 has already been shared among a dozen projects with £20,000 still available.

Let's Veg Out Together

The University of Manchester will be welcoming 8,000 new students this September with a unique free gift of a night in, to veg out with new found friends. In partnership with Veg Box People each student flat will be challenged with cooking up and sharing a delicious meal together as a team, whilst savouring the best local organic veg the region has to offer.

Chef’s Challenge to create the best plant-centred dish kicks off in Glasgow

The Glasgow Community Food Network is organising a competition aimed at Glasgow chefs. 16 cafes and restaurants will receive a “mystery” box of vegetables grown in and around Glasgow to create a brand new plant-centred dish.

Veg Cities Glasgow calls for more food growing in the city

Veg Cities Glasgow launched at a community growing networking event. The city has around 90 community gardens but the Glasgow Community Food Network is advocating for more.

Veg Cities Nottingham starts campaigns to get children in deprived areas eat more veg

Partnering with food growing, social eating spaces and the City Council, the Nottingham Good Food Partnership organised a 'Children's Veg Power! Festival' where hundreds of children had the chance to taste seasonal locally grown vegetables prepared by international cooks and to take home their own decorated pot of veg to grow at home.

Veggie Run app gets more children to eat school meals

The app was created by the London Borough of Havering to promote healthy eating to primary and junior school children. Since its launch earlier in 2018, it has seen an increase in school meal uptake of 14%.

Cities launch campaign to inspire people to eat more veg

14 cities and local areas receive funding from Sustainable Food Cities to run Veg Cities campaigns. Nottingham and Glasgow are the first to launch their campaigns in August, following successful pilots in Cardiff, Brighton & Hove and Birmingham.