What’s Happening

Our network of initiatives

A fruit and veg box for a Healthy Start voucher

GoodBox is a fruit and veg box with a difference. A charitable donation is added to each box enabling the surplus revenue of four boxes to be used to offer one fruit and veg box to families in receipt of Healthy Start vouchers. It is operated by Lean Lunch and up to 10 boxes are available each week to Healthy Start customers in Leeds.

Innovative project connects allotment surplus with food projects in Bath and North East Somerset

CropDrop is coordinating the redistribution of surplus fruit and vegetables from bountiful allotments and growers in Bath and North East Somerset. Volunteer drivers transport the produce to charity projects that provide food, alleviating food poverty, strengthening communities and minimising food miles.

WHO urges governments to promote healthy food in public facilities

Around the world, 8 million annual deaths are caused by unhealthy diets. Public settings, such as schools, hospitals and canteens of public institutions, can play a key role in ensuring people are provided with healthy food.

Grow a Row in Cambridge

Grow a Row was born from the new-found enthusiasm for gardening and the desire to supplement the emergency food response with more fresh fruit and vegetables. It resulted in around 2,000kg of fruit and vegetables donated, enough to supplement 25,000 meals with a portion of fruit or veg! Nine months on, we take stock of the initiative.

Veg Cities Leeds welcomes pledge from Zero Waste Leeds

As part of their movement building work, Zero Waste Leeds pledged to run a campaign to encourage people to reduce the amount of food they waste at home.

International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021

The International Year of Fruits and Vegetables 2021 was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly to raise awareness on the important role of fruits and vegetables in human nutrition, food security and health, as well as in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

How our diets are changing over time

The latest results from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey reveal that while consumption of sugary drinks has fallen, there has been no decline in sweet confectionery and chocolate consumption. Most people are still not eating the recommended 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables a day and children aged 11 to 18 still only eat around 3 portions a day.

Fresh fruit and veg in school can be the healthiest food that children eat daily

A survey of thousands of primary schools in England revealed the value in providing healthy fruits and vegetables every school day.

Reflecting on Veg Cities progress through the Peas Please annual report

Peas Please have published their third annual report, showing a steady increase of 72.1 million additional portions of vegetables sold across the UK between July 2019 and June 2020. We look back on the amazing achievements of Veg Cities who have been integral to this work.

National Lottery £600K brings Glasgow community food partners together to act on climate change

A new project aiming to transform Glasgow’s food system and reduce its impact on the climate crisis is today receiving £629,582 of National Lottery funding.