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Get your garden ready for the Big Dig

The Big Dig Day is taking place on Saturday 27 April 2019 across the UK and Sustain is inviting edible gardens to open their doors to volunteers and the community to mark the start of the growing season, promote their gardens and encourage people to volunteer.

Edinburgh becomes a Veg City

Edinburgh kicked off a city-wide campaign to promote vegetable consumption coinciding with the launch of the Veg Power advertising campaign. The campaign will be run by members of the Edible Edinburgh partnership, including the City of Edinburgh Council, NHS Lothian, Scotland Food & Drink, Nourish Scotland, as well as local businesses and community groups.

Veg Power campaign launch

Have you seen the Veg Power advert on TV, social media or in print and want to get involved in the mission to get kids eat more vegetables?

Pilot to increase the uptake of free school meals in Aberdeen

Even though the percentage of primary school pupils accessing free school meals has risen in recent years, there are concerns that not every child eligible for free meals is taking them. A new pilot project entitled “Torry Tasters” is starting in Aberdeen offering parents and children the opportunity to cook meals from the school menu, getting pupils to eat one extra portion of veg every day. 

A little more veg? Yes, please – from Oxford

90 per cent of the local population knows about “5 a day”, according to Oxfordshire County Council. Nevertheless, a recent doorstep survey in Barton from Oxford City Council found people were only eating 2.5 portions a day on average. This is against the backdrop of an urgent need to increase vegetable consumption and decrease meat consumption for our health and the health of our planet.

Bags of Taste – bags of potential for transforming eating habits

Cooking lessons alone have a limited impact on long term diets. ‘Bags of Taste’ is a new social enterprise that delivers a four-stage cooking and behaviour change programme to participants in or at risk of food poverty, with poor diets.

FRESH Street Vouchers – a fresh new idea for more fruit and veg in Sheffield

Weekly vouchers for fruit and vegetables will be offered for six months to every household in a street in Gleadless Valley, an area of high deprivation in Sheffield. The main objectives are to increase consumption of fresh fruit and veg from local suppliers, reduce consumption of processed foods, encourage healthier habits and improve health outcomes.

London latest area to join Veg Cities

The Mayor wants to use the London Food Board, London Food Strategy and his Food Programme as vehicles to deliver improved access and increased consumption of healthy, sustainable, affordable food (and more veg!)

Veg Cities Luton schools competition

Luton schools are invited to get pupils involved in a competition to win a £50 voucher to be used to support healthy eating initiatives in their school.

Vegetables and maths come together in a new fun and interactive app

Vegetable Maths Masters is a new free app aimed at children in KS1. Children can choose from six characters to play with and can play vegetable based maths games. It was developed by universities with support from the British Psychological Society.