Update from Groundwork Luton and Bedfordshire

Veg Cities Luton aim to achieve the following in the first year:

  • Increase the number of ‘Sustainable’ Community Food Growing Hubs in operation in Luton, supporting our Greening the Borough objective.
  • Encourage a minimum of 120 new Luton residents to engage with food growing activity at their local Community Food Hub.
  • Provide Veg Cities resources to a minimum of 80 schools and to families to encourage them to include higher proportions of fresh fruit and veg within their diets and also to signpost them to local food hubs.
  • Provide opportunities for more Luton residents to gain the skills and underpinning knowledge to grow fresh fruit and veg, collectively and in their own homes.

This campaign links with the Luton Food Poverty Alliance, a group of individuals and organisations who come together to share best practice and work together across Luton to find solutions to food poverty.  The five LFPA action areas are:

  1. To support skills development including food growing, meal planning and food hygiene
  2. Increase the number of community growing spaces to enrich diets and supply the existing food bank provision.
  3. Increase the number of people volunteering for social action in support of the LFPA.
  4. Increase the Holiday Hunger provision
  5. Increase the uptake of Healthy Start vouchers

What's happening in Luton

Groundwork Luton and Bedfordshire
Took the run growing and cooking classes and training action
Groundwork Luton and Bedfordshire
Took the promote veg action
Groundwork Luton and Bedfordshire
Took the veg sessions action
Groundwork Luton and Bedfordshire
Took the set up network of growing spaces action
Groundwork Luton and Bedfordshire
Took the veg challenges and competitions action



Is your organisation or business involved in growing, cooking, selling, serving or saving veg from waste?