Run growing and cooking classes and training

Health and hospitals

Run growing and cooking classes and training for veg-centred meals.

Growing your own is one way to increase the amount of veg we eat. By providing growing sessions and support, community gardens can engage even more volunteers and become more productive.

Lack of time to prepare food and lack of skills and confidence in the kitchen can all get in the way of eating veg. Many local food partnerships and community groups are already supporting the development of cooking skills, but cooking vegetables so that they make delicious meals can be a challenge even for experienced cooks.

We hope Veg Cities will make the development of veg cooking skills a specific aspect in existing and new cooking programmes, either for the community or specifically for the catering and hospitality industries.

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Veg Cities is working with health and hospitals across the UK to help people grow, cook, sell, serve and save more vegetables.

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