Food growing enterprises

Growing more, better vegetables

Small and medium scale organic and agro-ecological horticulture with a strong local or community focus, brings huge benefits to the local economy, environment and local people. Many have a social dimension alongside their commercial production objectives and by getting people involved in growing, they will increase their desire to try a wide range of vegetables and get people to eat more vegetables, especially in low income groups.

Whether you are an allotment, community growing space, market garden or farm, we would like to hear from you. Use our Harvest-ometer tool to let us know how much you are growing and everything else you are doing to promote vegetables.


Educate about food waste

Support food waste education through roadshows, workshops and city campaigns and initiatives.

Increase in land area used for growing

Increase in land area used for growing food commercially.

Increase in veg grown for sale

Increase in veg grown for sale into local caterers, restaurants, box schemes and retail.

Monitor and reduce food waste

Initiatives to monitor and reduce food waste with a focus on vegetables.

Promote veg

Use marketing work, social media, healthy eating campaigns or events to promote veg.

Run growing and cooking classes and training

Run growing and cooking classes and training for veg-centred meals.

Set up a new community garden

Set up new community garden in your area.

Set up a veg stand

Set up a veg stand or corner or a food co-op in your workplace or organisation.

Set up network of growing spaces

Set up or expand a network of food growing spaces.

Support healthier food businesses

Support businesses through access to land, training, rate relief or other incentives.

Veg challenges and competitions

Promote competitions and challenges in your organisation, school or workplace.

Veg sessions

Organise assemblies or sessions to educate about the benefits of eating more veg.