Retail and markets

Support good food choices

Retail defines the food choices of residents and workers in your area. If a wider range of affordable, attractive and locally sustainably grown vegetables are available next to schools and in public places, it can make a huge difference in the daily choices of local people and the local economy.

So get your shop or market to act now and make vegetables convenient, attractive and normal.


Educate about food waste

Support food waste education through roadshows, workshops and city campaigns and initiatives.

Good advertising

Encourage the best and restrict the worse food adverts.

Improve access to those in most need

Increase the uptake of Healthy Start Vouchers, Rose Vouchers or through other local initiatives.

Include 2 portions of veg in every meal

Include at least 2 portions of veg in every meal in public procurement and out of home sector.

Monitor and reduce food waste

Initiatives to monitor and reduce food waste with a focus on vegetables.

Promote veg

Use marketing work, social media, healthy eating campaigns or events to promote veg.

Run growing and cooking classes and training

Run growing and cooking classes and training for veg-centred meals.

Set up a new community garden

Set up new community garden in your area.

Set up a veg stand

Set up a veg stand or corner or a food co-op in your workplace or organisation.

Veg challenges and competitions

Promote competitions and challenges in your organisation, school or workplace.